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Hi, I am Prince Sethi, from Punjab, India. With over 2 years of experience in the field of digital marketing, I am an individual harnessing an unflinching passion toward my profession. Possessing academic erudition in economics and applied math and a specialised degree in digital marketing, my unique educational background has paved way for developing versatile abilities and thought orientation.

Starting off in 2018, my professional career spans a multifaceted work ex that focusses on crafting master strategies for the digital scene by utilising advanced technologies and new age platforms that is sure to take your businesses to the next level. As an astute observer and proactive achiever, I seek to harness new skills and take on nouveau challenges that shall enhance my experiential knowledge thereby allowing for personal and organisational growth in the long run.

What I Do

Having worked as a Digital marketing Executive and a Freelance Marketing Manager, I have gained valid expertise in a broad range of services that touches upon all your digital branding and marketing necessities from scratch to finish ensuring a strategy that is fulfilling in the long run. Check out the list of services I provide you in this regard

How I Utilise the Digital Platform to the Fullest

Digital marketing has changed even more in the past ten years than it’d in the prior hundred- launching us out from the era of Tv spots and print advertisements and to the age of sites, social media, online video, and Google. Customers nowadays are linked to the internet 24/7.

I am adept in utilising all modern digitised platforms, tools and technologies in the arena of digital marketing that are popular and high on demand that will give your businesses an enhanced online presence.

I strive to increase the reach of companies by utilising organic and inorganic methods. The multi-platform advertising campaigns I have created for my retail clients have received exceptional appreciation.

I have also designed digital strategies to beat competition in all engagement metrics, be it blogs or ads. I engage in creating a well-defined and holistic online presence especially with the web designing works I undertake.

I have also assisted with creating content post-production for rolling it out further through other media channels. I have undoubtedly also tapped into the immense potential of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and implemented significant plans of action to boost marketing reach amongst a wide range of audiences.

How I Do

Digital Marketing is about connecting with the proper Audiences at the Proper time. And so initially we make Online Presence of your Business/Brand in most Platforms. We enable you to enhance the company Value, improve online value, and drive customers through a mix of current methodologies.

We try to increase companies’ reach by inorganic and organic methods. We try to develop a multiplatform advertising campaign for our retail client, communicate appropriately, and use client feedback for self-advancement and development.

We follow some specific methodologies to serve our clients. We do analyze the purpose of the marketing type, then plan the whole scenario with which the client will be comfortable enough. We search for a suitable platform for the client, along with typically appropriate strategies.

We develop strategies on our own. We do satisfy our clients by taking proper actions and giving them consecutive results. We usually design websites to make an all-round online presence assisted with creating post-production content for further media use and along with which we identify social media opportunities and developed an actionable execution plan.

We offer our clients investment returns to meet them and try to do that in a way by which they won’t have any kind of complaints or hesitations about us. You can be confident the dedicated account manager of yours will be there for all of your needs and can over-deliver on results.

Prince Sethi's client dealing

How I Deal with Clients

My work is defined by the strong connect I maintain with my clients- listening to their needs, their desires and qualms forms the very basis of my work. By engaging in deeper conversations with my clientele I intend to create a relationship that lasts a lifetime by creating brand images and awareness so unique that it imprints into the minds of all giving a distinct niche and boosted growth to your businesses.

Balancing the art and science of marketing, I choose to gain significant understanding of my clientele’s business, understanding their target audience and sketch out strategies that fit their needs in a tailor made fashion sure to garner far-reaching effects in a more than intended fashion that is optimised to the digital world. Being a great listener, a great converser and superiorly creative conceptualiser, meeting your demands is but an easy walk when you decide to collaborate with me.

How I Enhance My Client's Satisfaction

With many outstanding projects to my credit my list of clients are a set of satisfied and loyal individuals and organisations. I offer individual help and assistance- both technical and creative, at each and every stage of your marketing needs in a tailor-made fashion that is sure to leave you fulfilled and content with the service I offer. I try to fit creative ideas into the convenient budgets of my clients and always make it a point to deliver projects on time in the most effective manner that is digitally optimised to various platforms on demand.

Prince Sethi's Customer Satisfaction
Prince Sethi

Why Clients Prefer to Choose Me

The creative bent of mind that I display in conjuring a one-of-a-kind strategy for businesses to expand by creating a lasting and unforgettable impression of their brand makes me a force to be reckoned with in the field of digital marketing. My in-depth understanding of various platforms combined with my vast and nuanced experience reflects the high degree of exposure I have received.

Showcasing a result-oriented performance by keeping my client requirements foremost has given me a unique place in the sphere of digital marketing. With a plethora of services I provide in a holistic manner, connecting with me for developing the A to Z’s of your brand building needs shall assuredly ensure you a high return on your investments.

My Happy Clients

Prince Sethi's happy client
Prince Sethi" happy client
Prince Sethi's client
Prince Sethi's client
Prince Sethi's client
Prince Sethi's client
Prince Sethi's happy client
Prince Sethi's client
Prince Sethi ' client
Prince Sethi's happy client

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